TIME Magazine has announced the winner of their 2018 Person of the Year award and the Internet's reaction is priceless, as per usual.

Many people are pleased with the magazine's choice to honour "The Guardians of Truth" — journalists and other media personnel that have been fighting the so-called "war on truth" that has been unquestionably creeping through the United States in this current politcal climate. 

But of course, as Twitter will always show, not everyone is in agreement.

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TL;DR TIME Magazine announced the winner of their Person of the Year award today and Twitter reacted in classic form. There was also much discussion over the shortlist of candidates, which included the likes of Donald Trump and Meghan Markle.

At first sight, it seems most people are in agreement that Khashoggi and others that try to "shine the journalistic light" are a fantastic and honourable choice by TIME Magazine.

Not only are journalists the guadians of "truth," but also democracy. Because they do the necessary work to keep the electorate informed. They guide and aid democracy to be the best it can be.

A democracy is in grave danger when those in power work to misinform citizens or silence media outlets that are attempting to provide information backed by facts.

Others don't agree with a magazine naming journalists as the person of the year...

While the decision to choose various journalists may seem self-congratulatory, TIME did not actually name themselves. Instead, what they've done is highlighted the importance of these individuals when political figures like Putin and Trump continuously fight to win out as the most globally influential voices.

It's an easy joke to make, so of course people on Twitter are making it:

Many Americans are doubley disappointed that Trump didn't win, or perhaps with the fact that TIME picked a Saudi national.

Others question the moral integrity of Khashoggi as well as the suspicious details of his death...

Many people think some of the nominees were a total joke...

It seems fair to question Meghan Markle's inclusion when looking at it through the lens of "what has she done?"

However, the reality of her nomination is the discussion that she spurred. The question is less, "what has she done?" and more, "What does she stand for?" — in terms of being a black, divorced, American actress that found herself in Kensington Palace amongst the Royal family, of which she is now a part.

A huge part of the Twitter storm was complete disbelief with some of the nominations that seemed more than a little off-base...

Some people failed to recognize that the award is not the Nobel Peace Prize, but is instead a commentary on who dominated headlines throughout the year.

Luckily, neither Putin nor Trump were named winner, and instead their direct opposition was given a moment to shine.

Vive la presse libre!


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