If you're going to shop at one store for Black Friday, let it be Amazon. Seriously, it's a one stop shop. 

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TL;DR Here are 10 of the best deals you can find on Amazon.ca for Black Friday.

Amazon boasts some of the best Black Friday deals out there across every single one of its categories. And you know the shipping is always fast, secure, and reliable. 

Check out some of the fantastic deals below from every department. You'll be sure to find holiday gifts for everyone, including yourself.

Happy savings!

1. Electronics

Via amazon

Save up to 30% on TV's, cameras, cell phones, accessories, and more electronics! 

Shop all electronics here

2. Home & Kitchen

Via amazon

Save up to 30% on kitchenware, patio furniture, garden accessories, BBQ, and more!

Shop all home & kitchen items here 

3. Beauty

Via amazon

Save up to 50% on beauty accessories, personal grooming electronics, skincare, makeup, and more!

Shop all beauty items here

4. Computers

Via amazon

Save up to 30% on laptops, keyboards, cables, gaming accesories, and more!

Shop all computer items here

5. Amazon Devices

Via amazon

Discounts of up to 20% off on kindle, smart speakers, Alexa, tablets, Amazon smart plugs, and more!

Shop all Amazon devices here

6. Luggage

Via amazon

Discounts up to 20% off on travel accessories, luggage, carry-on's, backpacks, gym bags, and more!

Shop all luggage here

7. Women's and Men's apparel

Via amazon

Up to 30% off on items in all categories in men's and women's fashion! 

Shop all fashion here

8. Fitbit and activity trackers

Via amazon

Save up to 30% on Fitbits, trackers, headphones, and more!

Shop all fitness trackers here

9. Amazon brand 

Via amazon

Save up to 20% on Amazon-branded items across departments, in electronics, bed & bath, furniture, travel, and more!

Shop all Amazon brand items here

10. Video Games

Via amazon

Save up to 60% on Playstation games, controllers, PC gaming accessories, and more!

Shop all video game items here 


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