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In a single year, security at Trudeau Airport will intercept about 200 passengers trying to smuggle in illegal substances. Canada Border Services officers, like superintendent Philippe Plourde, need to be on their game all year round, as drug smugglers have become increasingly crafty.

Plourde spoke to CBC and told them some of the more creative ways people have tried to bring illegal substances into the country. One person tried to bring in 460 pounds of hash in chocolate boxes, another (around Halloween) tried hiding 2kgs of cocaine in pumpkins. While the method changes, the drugs tend to stay the same, as certain substances are seized much more often.

According to Plourde, 2013 saw these ten substances smuggled the most, by volume, into Trudeau Airport. Here are the top ten:

  1. Khat (natural plant that induces euphoria, legal in some nations)

  2. Cocaine

  3. Methamphetamines

  4. Other controlled drugs (Cialis and Viagra being the most frequently seized)

  5. Steroids

  6. Heroine

  7. Coca Leaves

  8. Marijuana

  9. Gamma butyrolactone (used to make GHB)

  10. Barbiturates (central nervous system sedative)

Now don't get any Johnny Depp-Blow fantasies from this, 'cuz if pros got caught with chocolate boxes and pumpkins, you'll probably get shaken down too.

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