Canadians can't stop talking about sports, but, for once, we're not concerned with hockey. In fact, the conversation revolves around basketball, which may slowly be overtaking hockey as Canada's favourite sport.

The reason for this? Last night, the Toronto Raptors faced the Golden State Warriors for the first ever NBA Finals game played on Canadian soil. This is a historic win for the Raptors, and a surprise to many Canadians.

Not to mention that Drake, the unofficial team mascot, is engaging in all sorts of courtside antics to keep Canadians entertained.

And, though all Canadians are currently rooting for the Toronto Raptors, that doesn't mean that we are going to be rude about it. 

There were reports that some fans set fireworks outside of the Warriors' hotel window at 3 AM to interrupt the team's sleep, but this apparently hasn't ruined the Warriors' impression of Canadian fans.

In an interview with ESPN, Warriors guard Klay Thompson said that fans came at him with the "nicest heckle ever."

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He explained that, instead of using swear words, Canadians resorted to "booing" and wishing Warriors players had less than enjoyable days. "I appreciate the respect," he stated. 

The Warriors coach echoed this sentiment. In a press conference he explained that, though he was disappointed with his team's loss, he does not blame Canadian fans.

He added that "the Canadian fans are so nice that even when they’re harassing us, they do it in a very polite manner.”

The Raptors' next game will be taking place this Sunday, when the Toronto team will once again face off against the Golden State Warriors.

Raptors teammates and coach have told media that they find Canadian hecklers to be super nice and polite, and it's hilarious.

Read more about the Golden State Warrior's press conference here.

See the original ESPN interview here.

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