Yay it's Friday, TGIF everyone! So much is going on this weekend – marathons, events, parties, and let's not forget the construction on the roads. If you're planning on driving around the city or even outside, it's probably best you know about all the road closures in Montreal. 

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TL;DR It's now the weekend! The perfect time for a getaway out of Montreal. If you are planning on driving this weekend, you should plan your route ahead. We compiled a list of all the road closures in Montreal for this weekend.

To help you plan your route, here's a list of all the roads that will be closed or restricted for construction. Below that we've listed roads that will be closed due to the marathon happening this weekend as well: 

Roads closed due to construction: 

Pont Champlain

  • Westbound- between Brossard and Montréal will be closed on September 23, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Highway 10

  • Eastbound- Bonaventure Expressway At Victoria Bridge/Champlain Bridge Between the exit 2 and next entrance will be closed from midnight Friday to 9am Saturday
  • Between Brossard and Montréal (Verdun) on Champlain Bridge is completely closed from Sunday, 7am to noon 

Highway 13

  • Ramp from A-13 North (Chomedey) to A-40 West (Félix-Leclerc) is completley closed of the access to A-40 West 
  • Ramp from A-13 South to A-40 West is completely closed from 11pm Friday to 5am Monday 
  • Southbound Chomedey Expressway  on overpass over Highway 40, reduced to 2 lanes
  • Ramp from A-13 South to A-40 East is completely closed of the access to the service road

Highway 15

  • Northbound between exit 58 (L'Île-des-Sœurs, A-10 WEST / downtown) and the Turcot Interchange is completely closed from midnight Friday to 5am Monday 
  • Northbound exit (61) and the entrance of Atwater Ave. is completely closed until end of October 
  • Eastbound on De La Vérendrye Blvd. between Galt St. and Highway 15 is completely closed from midnight Friday to 5am Monday 
  • The entrance from De La Vérendrye Blvd. to A-15 south is completely closed 
  • Ramp from A-15 South (Décarie) to A-15 South/Champlain Bridge is completely closed from 11 pm Friday to 5 am Monday
  • In Turcot Interchange Access ramp from A-15 North to A-720 East (Ville-Marie) is completely closed 
  • In the Turcot Interchange At the end of the access ramp from A-15 North (from Champlain Bridge) to A-15 North (Décarie) reduced to 2 lanes 
  • Ramp from A-15 North (coming from Champlain Bridge) to A-20 West (Lachine, airport) is completley closed from midnight Friday to 5am Monday 
  • Northbound Between the interchange and NDG Tunnel (Décarie Expressway) reduced to 2 lanes 
  • Southbound closure of the entrance from Girouard Ave. to A-15 South (Décarie)- from 11pm Sunday to 5am Monday 
  • Closure of the entrance from Sherbrooke St. to A-15 North (Décarie) from midnight Friday to 5am Monday 

Highway 20

  • Eastbound on Montréal-Toronto Blvd. between Saint-Joseph Blvd. and Saint-Pierre Ave. is completely closed
  • Access ramp from A-20/R-138 East to R-138 East (de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Boulevard) is completely closed
  • Access ramp from A-20 East to A-15 South / Champlain Bridge is completely closed - from midnight Friday to 5am Monday

Highway 25

  • Access ramp from A-25 North to A-40 West (exit 8-O) reduced to 1 lane 

Highway 720

  • Eastbound between Turcot Interchange and the entrance of the Ville-Marie Tunnel reduced to 2 lanes
  • Ram from A-720 West (Ville-Marie) to A-15 South (to Champlain Bridge) is completely closed 
  • On Greene avenue in both directions Between Saint-Antoine Street and Dorchester Boulevard Complete is completely closed 
  • Westbound the exit 2 (Saint-Jacques Street) dismantling of the A-720 West is completely closed 
  • The entrance from du Fort St. to A-720 West is completely closed 
  • Eastbound Ville-Marie Tunnel between the beginning of the tunnel and the entrance from De la Cathédrale St. reduced to 2 lanes 
  • Westbound Between the end of the Ville-Marie Tunnel and the Turcot Interchange Diverted and contraflow traffic on A-720 East 2 lanes available 
  •  The entrance from Lucien L'Allier St. to A-720 West is completely closed 
  • Eastbound in the Viger Tunnel between the exit 6 (Berri St.) and the entrance from Amherst St. is completely closed from 9pm Thursday to 5am Friday 
  • Westbound between the exit 5 (A-10 EAST Bonaventure), in the Ville-Marie Tunnel, and the entrance from 1st Avenue is completely closed from 11pm Thursday to 5am Friday


  • Access ramp from R-138 East (from Mercier Bridge)  to A-20 East (downtown) is reduced to 1 lane 
  • Ramp from R-138 West to A-20 West is completely closed 
  • Ramp from R-138 West to R-138 West (toward Mercier Bridge) is completely closed 

Saint-Jacques St.

  • Both directions between Girouard Ave. and Décarie Blvd. is completely closed 

Notre-Dame St.

  • Both directions Between Monk Blvd. and Du Carillon Ave. is completely closed from 10pm Friday to 5am Saturday 

Saint-Patrick Street

  • Between de l'Église Avenue and Cabot Street (under A-15) 1 lane in each direction

Côte-Saint-Paul Rd.

  • Eastbound between Monk Blvd. and Philippe-Lalonde St. (under A-15) is completely closed 
  • Both directions under the structures of A-15 is completley closed 

 Saint-Rémi St.

  • In both directions between Notre-Dame and Saint-Jacques Streets is completely closed 

Hadley Street

  • Both directions Under A-15 Complete closure

Road Closures Due To The Marathon:

September 21 and September 22

  • St. Denis
  • Berri
  • Boulevard de Maisonneuve 
  • St. Catherine St. 
  • Dorion 
  • Cartier 

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September 23

  • Boulevard St. Joseph 
  • Fabre 
  • Garnier 
  • Rachel 
  • Cherrier
  • Viau
  • Boulevard Rosemont 
  • Boulevard Pie-IX
  • Berri
  • Boulevard Rene-Levesque 
  • McGill
  • Promenade du Vieux-Port 
  • Robert-Bourassa
  • Duke
  • Wellington
  • Ropery
  • St. Patrick
  • Av. de L'Eglise 
  • St. Patrick
  • Monk
  • Beauliau 

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