Justin Trudeau is deep into his week-long visit to India. 

This morning, Trudeau announced a 2-way investment deal with India, that could bring in more 5,000 new jobs to the Canadian market.

Some of India's biggest companies will invest major money in everything from pulp mills to pharmaceuticals to the IT sector.

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What Justin Trudeau said in front of a business audience was that India is going to invest $1 billion into Canadian industries, creating more than 5800 new jobs. 

What Justin Trudeau meant to say was the India would be investing more than $250 million in Canadian business sectors, which could potentially be worth billions. 

The reality here is that the partnership is worth $1 billion - total. 

India may be investing a $250 million chunk of change into our industries, but it is Canada who is tripling that figure and in-turn investing $750 million into India's business sectors.

The press release below came out just after Trudeau made is verbal hiccup.

The PMO claims that Justin Trudeau "misspoke when he made the announcement" and corrected his figures in the press release issued shortly after. Source: CTV

It's a small mix-up of words that just shows the inept side of Trudeau, once again, on a global platform... and not too long after his public "peoplekind" slip that he has now dismissed as a "dumb joke."

Well done, Justin. Well. Done.

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