Justin Bieber has just announced the launch of his brand new clothing line — Drew House — and it's already receiving both love and hate for its "unique" designs.

According to critics, the outfits look like they received all their inspiration from the Hunger Games, Orange is the New Black, UPS drivers, and just a little bit of Yeezy. All jokes aside though, the brand is doing extremely well, with many of the styles already out of stock.

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TL;DR Justin Bieber has launched his new clothing line called Drew House. The line is receiving a lot of attention on Twitter for its similarities to other clothing as well as its pricing. Tweets reacting to the Drew House clothes are below.

Styles such as the camel-coloured pants with the word "Drew" (Justin Bieber's middle name) written across the crotch...

Via thehouseofdrew.com

As we know, even though the brand isn't doing bad, Twitter has already taken the opportunity to rip apart Bieber's new business venture and we have to admit it's quite hilarious:

Some comments were absolutely brutal.

Some have even made a point of comparing the Bieb's new clothing with Yeezy. You have to admit, it does look pretty similar.

There are also a few other comparisons circulating the internet that definitely deserved some attention:

Many people were pretty upset with the price of most clothing items, which on average was over $100 USD.

All in all, it doesn't looks like Drew House clothing will be the new fashion trend anytime soon.

What do you think of Justin Bieber's new clothing line? Let us know!


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