Yesterday we were tricked by a rodent. The groundhog came out and didn't see his shadow, which means we are supposed to see an early Spring this year.

We'll have to wait a few weeks confirm whether or not he was right, but either way, that doesn't mean winter is over just yet.

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We have at least one more hurdle to overcome, and it's all going to happen on Tuesday.

From now until Monday won't be so bad. It's not going to be very cold, and there we'll only see a few flakes here and there.

But on Tuesday, temperature are dropping to -13°C, and we might see up to 20 cm of snow!

And if things really don't go our way, we could get another 10 cm on Wednesday.

Hopefully this will be the last big one of the year, because although winter isn't done with us, we are most definitely done with winter.

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