As the first female mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante will be helping another woman break the gender barrier in Montreal municipal politics. 

Plante is expected to nominate a female politician to the position of city council president, Metro has learned, a first for Montreal. 

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Voting on the new council president, a position held by a man since it was instated in 1986, will occur next Monday, at the first city council meeting overseen by the new mayor. 

Two female politicians are expected to be nominated by Plante: Émilie Thuillier, the new mayor of Ahuntsic-Cartierville and Manon Barbe, new mayor of LaSalle. 

Neither politician has confirmed nor denied the impending nomination, but both have expressed an interest in assuming the position of council president. 

One of the primary duties of city council president is leading debates during council meetings. The council president is expected to remain neutral through discussion and does not get to vote on municipal matters, unless there is a tie. 

The council president is also in charge of managing various goings-on at City Hall.  

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