As Montreal waits for some one of the biggest storms of the year to hit, other parts of the country are already experiencing some pretty intense snowfall. In Ontario, many flights were cancelled and teachers and students took the day off due to bad weather.

Vancouver, too, has been experiencing some snow. They've gotten between ten and fifteen centimeters of snow in the last two days, and are predicted to get another five to ten centimeters tomorrow.

As Montreal braces for a snowstorm predicted at aroud 40 cm, this seems pretty tame. But Vancouver is having a hard time dealing with the snow. And, though we know we shouldn't laugh, we're laughing anyways.

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TL;DR Vancouver is having a hard time dealing with the snowstorms and the reactions are hilarious.

Reactions like these are what Montrealers live for. The only thing we like more than complaining abour our weather is making fun of other people for complaining about their weather.

And it's not just Montrealers who are laughing at BC's response to the storm.

And, though we often get angry at the STM during snowstorms for bad service, check out this bus unable to make it up a hill.

That "sorry" on the bus is the most Canadian thing ever.

It seems that many have forgotten how to drive in this weather.

Is a snowstorm really a snowstorm if it produces snowmen this small? I think not.

And this person is just really concerned for their crocuses... #prayforcrocuses2019.

The fact that a Canadian city had flowers that began to bloom in the first place is mindblowing to a Montrealer in February.

Every Vancouverite today is like

It's nice to know that, no matter what the province or the weather, dads everywhere are the same

Other Vancouverites are having similar problems with finding weather-appropriate gear:

This user hit the nail right on the head.

So, to summarise:


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