Canada's track record with recalled consumables hasn't been too good lately. Maybe it's due to a faster production rate so foods don't have time to be tested or double-checked. It might have to do with more machines being introduced into the production factories. 

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TL;DR Arctic Gardens Veg-e Protein products are being recalled in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec for defective packaging that could cause plastic to melt into food when microwaving. If you have one of the three products, you should either throw it out or bring it back to your local retailer for a refund.

Whatever the reason, Canadian food products aren't being tested well enough to catch the errors that could cost someone their life.

If you happen to have any Arctic Gardens Veg-e Protein products at home, you may want to throw them out ASAP.

The recall was issued yesterday by the company Bonduelle Canada Inc. after it was discovered that the defective packaging could allow for pieces of plastic to fall into the food and melt when microwaving. 

The products are sold in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. All recalled products should either be thrown away immediately or brought back to your local retailer for a refund.

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

As of now, these are the three products that are under an immediate recall:

  • Veg-e Protein Macaroni and Cauliflower
  • Veg-e Protein Orzo and Green Chick Peas
  • Veg-e Protein Quinoa and Soy Beans

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently investigating other products from the company which could lead to more recalls. Luckily, there has not been any reported illnesses linked to the food product yet. 

For more information on Canada's recalls and to stay up to date with food safety, click HERE.

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