Taking the train is probably the coolest, prettiest and most underrated form of travel these days. Especially when you consider the alternatives.

You can either spend a fortune on a plane ticket and waste half a day at the airport or you can stuff yourself in a smelly bus seat and spend an eternity reaching your destination.

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Luckily if you're planning on travelling across Canada you won't need to deal with any of that, because right now VIA Rail is offering train passes that let you travel across Canada for super cheap.

You can travel to and from many major Canadian cities for under $45! Montreal to Toronto, Ottawa to Quebec, Kingston to Ottawa and dozens more!

There's only one catch, you have to book your trips on Tuesdays. Yup, that's it!

Via viarail

These deals come back every Tuesday so if you miss it, you can just keep checking the following page to get some amazing VIA Rail train deals all summer long!

You just choose you departure city here and you'll be able to see all the awesome deals you can take advantage of today!

Click here and select your departure city to find VIA Rail deals near you!

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