Creating a cool Christmas card is no easy feat. Either you guy for full on cute or lean towards the ridiculously funny. Or, if you're a particularly ambitious group of men living in Montreal, you go for gold, and try to get a Christmas card with a celebrity, like the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

That's exactly what Generation Y Not, a group of four Montreal-based YouTubers (Ammar Kandil, Thomas Brag, and Matt Dajer, and Derin Emre) did, and it worked.

Perhaps better known as the group of young men who enacted the demonstration of love against ISIS in Berri-UQAM metro, Generation Y Not's latest video is a bit more lighthearted, but no less heart warming.

After a fair bit of sleuthing and a lot of enthusiasm, the group managed to track down the nation's Prime Minister, and Mr. Trudeau was more than willing to pose for an adorable awkward family-style Xmas card.

And the card can be yours, too, as Generation Y Not is selling their Trudeau-tastic holiday card for $5, with all proceeds going towards the Syrian refugee relief fund. Get all the info in the video below.

Adorable and inspiring. Gotta love it.

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