Last night it was hard to ignore the sounds of howling winds and tree branches cracking as Quebec was battered by a violent windstorm that caused a crazy amount of damage. 

Environment Canada had issued a warning yesterday that is still in effect in many parts of Southern Quebec this morning.

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TL;DR 90km/h winds in Southern Quebec damaged trees, and caused over 100,000 power outages across the province.

The wind gusts were as high as 90 km/h which was powerful to break branches and rip trees right out of the ground. 

Many power lines were damaged by the wind and over 100,000 people lost power in Quebec including more than 20,000 in Montreal alone.

There is a massive amount of damage around the city. Traffic signs have been ripped off poles. Trees have fallen on top of cars and the streets are covered in branches. Here are some photos and videos of the damage in Montreal.

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