On Sunday, a Toronto-based chef captured and posted a video of an incident that unfolded between a young black teen, cops, and transit inspectors on a Toronto streetcar.

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The witness captions the Facebook post saying, “On my streetcar, a black teenaged boy shoved a fare collector who put his hands on him .... and this happens. They held him down screaming for twenty mins.”

The witness further explained that the teen was getting off the streetcar when a fare inspector grabbed him by his jacket and physically dragged him back.  In response, the teen reacted by shoving the inspector. 

The situation quickly escalated, and two TTC inspectors pinned the teen down on the ground.  Cops arrived at the scene and proceeded to cuff him and continued to forcefully hold him down on the ground.

In the video, the teen can be heard crying out, “I didn’t do anything, though. Please, you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me.”

TTC officials are currently investigating and assert that "simply not paying a fare would not be grounds for a fare inspector to use force."

For more details on the incident click here.

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