Here's something you don't see everyday.

Fighting in the daytime!

Sure Montreal has a reputation for being peaceful and friendly, but that doesn't mean we never throw down.

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Although normally, this happens outside of night clubs, and it usually happens at night. But you rarely see a brawl breaking out in the middle of the day in a very public place.

But that's exactly what happens in this video taken in front of Mount-Royal Metro.

Two guys looked like they were going to fight each other, but instead a scrap breaks out between two women.

One woman grabs another woman's hair and pulls her to ground. Then a man runs in and punches the female attacker in the face. A few seconds later, a second man comes out of nowhere and starts punching the first man in the face and all hell breaks loose.

Normally you'd think the guy filming would try to help, but he's too busy shouting: "World Star Hip Hop!"

In the end no one else who was there tried to help either, presumable because they didn't want to get punched in the face.

But luckily, the scuffle ended as quickly as it began.

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