Last week we posted a video of some people getting into a brawl in from of Metro Mont-Royal and the reactions were very mixed.

Many people were glad that we brought attention to something that happens way more often than most realize.

Others were mad, presumably because they prefer to ignore this kind of thing.

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But the truth is that this is constantly happening in public places, often near children. So much so, that some user started sending us more videos of public fights they've witnessed.

We were so shocked by one in particular showing how violently a man and a woman were being attacked, that we simply had to share the video.

I understand that people fight sometimes, but fighting in publicly in broad daylight is not acceptable behavior and those of you who don't live downtown need to be aware of how often this happens.

This isn't just a scuffle or a few angry slaps, these fights are scary and violent.

Watch as one woman attempts to break a glass bottle on one of the attackers. Meanwhile a man is frantically kicking another in the groin and in the face.

This shit cannot be allowed to go on.

Something must be done, and the first step is to bring this issue to the attention of the public.

We need to stop pretending like this never happens.

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