As you probably heard by now, Montreal's construction is bad and it's actually going to double in the next 10 years. The only problem is that Montreal can't possibly can't handle any more.

We've reached our breaking point.

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I feel like the kids in Super Troopers who get told to pull over when they're already pulled over.

But it's not just the construction that slows down traffic, it's also the way we share the road with each other.

We actually found a video that perfectly demonstrates the hurricane of shit that is Montreal's traffic problem.

In the video, a car stops at a red light, the street ahead is blocked but there's still 1 lane in each direction. However, there's a cop directing traffic in the middle so this shouldn't take very long right?


First you have to wait for the pedestrians, then the cars, then the stragglers, and finally the cyclists who can pop out at any moment.

And wait, what that in the distance? It's a protest of course.

Classic Montreal!

Our poor driver ended up waiting nearly 10 minutes at the light. It's no wonder we have so much road rage in Montreal.

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