Yesterday reports out of Hawaii confirmed hundreds of earthquakes on the island. 

Kilauea volcano was thought to possibly erupt soon, but at the time of all the earthquakes, it was uncertain if this would happen or what would follow.

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Kilauea volcano did, in fact, erupt on Thursday evening throughout its easter rifts, miles away from its summit. 

The volcano spewed molten lava all over Leilani Estates forcing an evacuation of about 1,700 people near the Big Island's eastern border.

Volcano officials said they could not predict where exactly the eruption would happen, or how long it could potentially last.

Videos started to circle social media as the Kilauea Volcano erupted onto the streets and lava spewed several feet into the air from cracks in the streets. 

Fire officials detected extremely high levels of sulfur dioxide gas in the evacuation area and Gov. David Ige said he's activated the Hawaii National Guard to help with evacuations and security.

Throughout Thursday morning, earthquakes had been happening about every 10 minutes. 

This is still developing as the areas have been evacuated and no injuries have been reported as of yet. 

Damn, mother nature - you're scary.

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