Montreal was just hit with the craziest snow storm of 2019 and of the winter so far. Sunday morning was not pretty for those people who actually had to get up and go to work. Luckily, a gang of benevolent Montrealers roamed the streets with their 4x4's looking for anyone who needed their help, when they happened to fall upon an STM bus that was stuck in a snowbank.

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TL;DR A group of Montrealers in 4x4's ventured out to help people and deliver random acts of kindless to those who were stranded around the city after Saturday evenings snow storm. They even helped pull an entire STM bus filled with people out of the snow. Video below!

The three vehicles were tied together, and with some effort, they managed to pull an entire bus packed with people out of the snow. All the commuters on the bus were very happy and managed to get where they needed to be on time, despite the massive storm.

The video was uploaded to Facebook yesterday and already received a lot of attention. These guys are true snow storm saints.

Driving around on a Sunday to help people in -30 degrees is what I call altruism at its finest. The storm and crazy extreme weather can bring out the worse in some people, it's clear that it can also bring out the best.

With more snow expected to fall this week, we can all learn a lesson from this generous group of Montrealers. 

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Stay safe Montreal!

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