Montreal's Nuit Blanche just happened and people had a great time. Well, most people. Those who wanted to get into Five Guys St-Catherine had a bit of a hard time.

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The construction on St-Catherine street was getting in the way of some of the fun. An open-site located right in front of the restaurant was left unattended and was not closed-off at all! It's kind of laughable how they could let that happen.

In the video, you can see pedestrians leaning against the walls, centimeters away from the dangerous work site. All they wanted to do was get into Five Guys.

It's actually really dangerous if you think about it. There aren't any warnings or railings. There's just a gaping hole in the middle of this street. The person in the video tells Montreal to "fix their shit!"

Luckily no one was hurt and everyone was fine, but the city really needs to be more careful or they could have a serious lawsuit on their hands.

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