Residents of Valleyfield, Quebec were baffled by what seemed to be a msyetrious object in the sky over the weekend. 

On September 28th, a weird black ring appeared in the sky. 

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TL;DR Mysterious black rind in the sky over Valleyfield baffled local residents. Turns out it was caused by a trandformer explosion. 

The mysterious phenomenon hovered over the city for white awhile and people were sure if it was a hole in the sky, a UFO, a secret alien invasion, or a natural occurrence?

What made thing even weirder is that the power seemed to have gone out when the black ring appeared.

The object was captured on video by Meg M. O'toole and posted to Facebook. The video went viral and now experts have figured out what the object it. 

Here are photo and videos of the mysterious smoke ring

It turns out that it is not an object at all. It was a black smoke ring that slowly rising into the sky. The ring was formed after an electrical transformer from a Hydro Quebec facility exploded.

The explosion sent a round puff of smoke in the sky in the same way a smoker blows a smoke ring. 

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