I love mornings like this when the news is actually quite comical. 

This morning, some news reports out of Toronto has me in stitches laughing. 

A random car has mysteriously appeared, dangling from a rope underneath the Millwood Overpass Bridge, just south of the Don Valley Parkway. 

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It all started this morning, shortly after 9 am, with citizens freaking out at the sight... but let's be honest, you'd probably freak out too! 

Police initially believed the sight was part of an ongoing movie shoot, but shortly thereafter they retracted that statement and currently have no idea why this is happening. 

No permit records to film have been found. An investigation has been launched to figure out what is going on, as the car was "tied by a rope and taped up in a suspicious way."

Even Toronto's Mayor, John Tory, saw the images and "shook his head in disbelief." 

The weird sighting has sparked a pretty big response. News helicopters, firefighters, and paramedics all rushed to the scene to see what was happening. 

Shortly after 10:00 AM, the oddly suspended car was cut down and fell to the ground. The car's interior and the engine had been removed, and the vehicle was looking pretty rough. 

Toronto Police have said that the suspended car posed no real danger or threat, but they have still blocked off a section of the DVP anyways. 

Mayor John Tory did not have any response or information to add as to whom might be responsible for the stunt. He notes that production companies go through an extensive process to approve stunts such as this, and no answers have been found. 

The story is still developing, as officials and citizens are all dumbfounded by this. 

This is probably the best art installation Toronto has seen in years. 

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