Have you ever had one of those days where anything could set you off?

Well that's exactly what happened on an STM bus in a video that was posted online yesterday.

A bus driver was doing some over-time during the afternoon rush when a woman got onto the bus. Only she didn't get on the bus right away.

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We don't see this in the video, but according to what we can hear, the woman was going very slowly when she was getting on the bus, because she was busy texting instead of paying attention.

The bus driver was trying to get her to hurry up and this apparently frustrated the woman who then refused to step behind the yellow line.

That's when the most pointless argument of all time began.

The woman started filming the bus driver, which made him even angrier and they both started screaming at each other over who was wasting who's time.

The driver stopped the bus and called the STM so that they could send someone to deal with the situation. Meanwhile the woman kept on filming and saying she was going to file a complaint.

So now the driver is accusing the woman of delaying everyone and wasting time because she was acting like a princess and the woman is claiming the driver is delaying everyone because he refused to keep driving.

The video is a little long, but trust me it's totally worth watching 'til the end.

Who's side are you on? Was the woman acting like princes or was the driver acting unprofessionally?

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