Guys, I'm not going to lie to you. I'm really, scarily obsessed with Pokémon GO. I adore the game. I play it all the time, I weep when the servers are down, I talk about it all the time, my friends are annoyed of me... Honestly, I'm a little annoyed of me. But I don't care. Pokémon GO is now my life. I've accepted it. It's all good.

Which is why I'm really sad to let you guys know about a little incident that went down in Montreal last night.


According to this post by Reddit user emphase, last night, police had to intervene during a huge Pokémon GO gathering near downtown Montreal, at a notoriously lit Pokémon GO spot, after a Dragonite appeared.

This Youtube video was taken last night, apparently after the police's intervention:

There have also been sightings of massive littering in the area after the gathering, which isn't too cool, IMO.

While I do love the game, and definitely understand everyone's enthusiasm, I think it maybe might be time for us to tone it down just a decibel - or at the least just be a little more mindful of the city's laws.

We do a pretty great job of that anyway, but let's just be extra diligent. Pokémon GO brings people together like nothing ever has. It's an amazing game to get into, and I don't think anyone wants to see that ruined for a couple of things we can easily fix.

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