It's safe to say some pretty odd things have been going on in winter 2019. To start off the season, people began participating in the "Frozen Pants" challenge. From there things only continue to get worse and even more confusing. Once these "trends" turn dangerous, it seems as if everyone is already participating.

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TL;DR The video below shows a Toronto woman throwing a chair right onto the busy Gardiner Expressway. There's no word on why the act took place, but the trend is beginning to pick up as the video goes viral. More details below.

That's the case for the sudden trend going on that consists of people throwing chairs onto the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

The following video shows a Toronto-area woman throwing a chair onto the highway from a high-rise building balcony. Unsurprisingly, the video immediately went viral.

The Instagram video shows a woman who looks to be in her early to mid-twenties throwing a wooden chair off her balcony while the person filming the event follows the path of the falling chair as it lands onto the busy highway. It seems as though the video was originally on Snapchat, as it's captioned "Good Morning."

After watching the video it seems like the chair is pretty close to almost landing right ontop of a car. Although it's not yet determined why someone would want to throw anything into the middle of traffic, this isn't the first time it's happened. 

Last year two men were caught performing the same act and going viral. Investigations were launched into finding where the video came from, so we can only hope the original poster of this video is caught and faced with serious concequences. Stay tuned for updates and more information.

Have you found any videos of dangerous trends gone viral? Let us know!


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