Sécurité publique Québec has ordered the evacuation of the lower Rouge River valley in response to an assessment that the Chute-Bell Hydro Québec dam may fail as high water levels continue to plague the region.

Quebec security officials acted quickly in response. Geneviève Guilbault, Quebec minister for public security, now confirms that all residents at risk have been evacuated.

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TL;DR Hydro Québec has shared an impressive video that shows the massive amounts of water that pour over the threatened dam.

Hydro Québec has been posting regular updates about the situation, sharing that the dam had reached its maximum water level.

The company has also posted an impressive video that shows just how much water is pushing against the dam. Floodwater pours over its brink.

"The flow over the dam is very high at 980 cubic meters per second and could increase by 30% in the coming days."

"We are confident that the facilities will be able to resist, but evacuation of the area has been recommended as a precaution," the tweet reads.

For context, this video posted by an Instagram user over a year ago shows regular flow over the dam:

The red lines in the map below from the government of Quebec illustrate the extent of the threatened area:

Hydro Québec earlier stated that there is minimal risk for areas far downriver, including the Outaouais River, which meets the St. Lawrence at Montreal.

A Hydro spokesperson told MTLBlog that the dam was meant to withstand a "once-in-a-thousand-year-flood."

Stay tuned for updates.


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