We've seen our fair share of incredible highway fuckery. Just last month, a video that filmed two reckless motorcyclists went viral. The video depicted a pair of motorcyclists speeding down the highway and doing wheelies, before attempting to evade the police.

We've also seen videos of a plane almost crashing onto a highway and created compilations of some terrible Quebec drivers.

A recent video shared to Spotted: Dash Cam Quebec eclipses all of these previous shenanigans. The video shows a spectacular crash on a highway in Quebec after a manoeuvre to cut someone off went terribly wrong.

The video, which was captured on a driver's dash cam, gives us a limited view of what went down. The video begins by showing a busy highway.

A black SUV then tries to cut into the passing lane, which is already quite crowded. As it makes its move, it is struck by the dash cam driver, who appears to accelerate.

The SUV driver, who obviously didn't check their blind spot before merging into the lane, spins out onto the highway. 

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The caption reads, "message from the videographer: that one hit hard! He has a total loss [of his car] and I have a dent that was repaired that same evening. Careful on the road everyone!"

The video, which was shared on Wednesday, has gathered a lot of attention on the Facebook page. People are incredibly divided on the video

Because we cannot see behind the camera, it's hard to tell whether he didn't break because he was being followed too closely or because he wanted to teach an impatient driver a risky lesson.

Some are calling the cammer a hero, while others are bashing his risky manoeuvre. 

The top comment on the video reads, "For real dude, message me privately I'm gonna buy you a beer. Finally someone who isn't afraid to put someone in their place haha epic... Thanks you made my week."

The comment right below reads, "message for the cammer: and you didn't see anything coming? You didn't break at all, you just pushed him until he spun out. I think I see a dumb driver who doesn't check his blind spot, and a dangerous criminal who's so dumb he posts his crime on Facebook."

Luckily, it appears that no one was hurt. It's fortunate that the black SUV was not struck by a car in the right lane as he spun out.

Watch the original video here.

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