Severe storms continue to ravage much of southern Ontario and Quebec.

Environment Canada has issued several warnings for the region, including alerts for storng wind and rainfall.

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Two hours ago, the meteorological agency also posted a "tornado watch" for the Ottawa-Gatineau area. That watch was upgraded to a warning in the next hour.

Now it appears that at least one tornado has touched down in Gatineau.

Twitter user Ryan Valley posted a video of what appears to be a funnel cloud just outside the capital. Clouds of dust below the funnel seem to indicate that it had, indeed, reached the surface and become a tornado.

Watch the video below:

Another user, Jon, also posted this video, which appears to confirm that a tornado did occur:

Twitter has erupted in footage of the storm from residents of the capital region.

In this video, a tornado can be seen causing explosions as it travels through the city:

Debris has littered the streets and several properties appear damaged.

Residents of Ottawa and Gatineau should stay apprised of updates from Environment Canada.

Stay safe!


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