Today people across Canada will have to prove how tough they are because there are extreme cold weather alerts in effect in almost every single province in Canada as of Friday morning.

When you take a look at the Environment Canada warning map you realize it might actually take less time to list the places that aren't under some kind of extreme weather alert. 

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Here are all the provinces that can expect extreme cold weather conditions today: 



An air mass in northern Alberta is creating wind chill values near -40°C. Wind chill values will remain extreme for part of the province throughout the weekend.


Cold wind chill values ranging between -40°C and -45°C are expected tonight and Friday in most of southern Manitoba. The cold weather is expected to persist through the weekend.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick can expect wind chill values reaching near -35°C Saturday morning as well as significant amounts of snow, rain, and an extended period of freezing rain 

Newfoundland & Labrador

Extreme wind chill between -35°C and -45°C are expected to continue this morning. Conditions will improve throughout the day.


Wind chill values in the -55°C to -60°C range will continue on Friday 


Wind chill values near -40°C across most of Northern Ontario, and will likely happen again tonight

Quebec North

Extreme cold will be back beginning tonight, reaching near -50°C. This cold snap could persist into Monday.

Quebec South

Wind chill values will reach between -40°C and -50°C at times beginning tonight. This cold snap could persist into Monday over several areas.


Very cold wind chills are expected. Air temperatures near -30°C combined with strong winds are producing wind chill values of -40°C to -45°C this morning.

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