A disturbing video is being shared on Facebook showing what appears to be a completely random attack on an innocent man.

The video posted by the Service de Police de Laval shows a 46-year-old man about to enter into a building on Boulevard Curé-Labelle. Then out of nowhere, a man dressed in black shorts runs up behind him, and in one fell swoop without any hesitation at all, he punches the 46-year-old on the side of the head.

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The victim fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement, and according to the Laval Police, he is still in the hospital in critical condition.

The weirdest part is that this attack seems to be completely random and the police still have no idea who the attacker is, or why he hit the victim. Police are currently looking for the man in the video

  • Suspect is a white male, 25-30 years old
  • He is about 6 ft. tall, and weighs 232 lbs. 
  • He has dark blonde / red hair with a short beard. 
  • He was wearing a black t-shirt with an "MFC" logo  with blck shorts and black and white shoes. 

Via laval.ca

If you have any info about the video contact please call 450-662-INFO ( 4636 )

Click here for more information.

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