Be wary when stepping outside in Montreal today, because you’ll likely be greeted by an unwelcoming haze and air that makes your lungs feel gross. 

A smog warning has been issued by Environment Canada for the Montréal Island area, along with the Châteauguay - La Prairie, Laval, and Longueuil - Varennes areas. 

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“High concentrations of fine particulates are expected and will result in poor air quality” said Environment Canada in their smog warning alert. 

Basically, the air isn’t going to be very refreshing today.

Wood heating is cited by Environment Canada as the primary source of fine particles in Quebec. Wood-burning stoves lead directly to high smog levels in winter, more so than car exhaust or industrial activities. 

With that in mind, Environment Canada is calling on Montrealers to “stop using your wood-burning stove or fireplace until the smog warning has been lifted.”

For the sake of the air we all breathe, please do comply. 

There’s actually a by-law stipulating that it is prohibited to use a wood-burning stove in Montreal while a smog warning is in effect. 

The same by-law will prohibit the use of wood-burning stoves in Montreal by October 2018, smog warning or not.  Certain exceptions will be made, but for the most part, wood-burning stoves are getting the axe. 

Hopefully this leads to less smog in the future. 

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