This message is dedicated to the entire province of Quebec: Make the most of the next 7 days.

This week is going to be absolutely beautiful!

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The sun will be out (most of the time anyways) and temperatures may even crack the double digit mark.

Via theweathernetwork

Unfortunately the first week of April is going to be horrible.

According to The Weather Network, there is a Polar Vortex headed towards Quebec and it's going to bringing a lot of snow and below seasonal temperatures our way.

So instead of the usual 6-7°C we should be enjoying at this time of the year, Montreal and Quebec's temperature will be near or below O°C.

Via theweathernetwork

On top of all that, it's going to snow for 7 days in a row in Montreal (The rest of Quebec won't be spared) and by the time it's all said and done, we may see up to 20cm of snow.


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