The Montreal SPCA is asking the local community to help in an investigation into a series of animal cruelty cases directed towards cats. 

In a Facebook post yesterday, the Montreal SPCA said a deceased feline was brought to their doorstep. 

Named Azur by SPCA staff, the cat received “extensive burns to his body” and was found by the railroad tracks in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie. 

More specifically, Azur was found between Saint-Dominique and Casgrain, in the dog park. 

A similar case occurred in the same location less than six months ago, said the Montreal SPCA. 

At the end of April, another deceased feline, called Ciel, was also found next to the railroad tracks, noted CJAD. Ciel was found near Bernard and Saint-Dominique. 

Like Azur, Ciel suffered extensive burns across her body. 

Yet another case occurred in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie only a few days ago. This time, thankfully, burning wasn’t involved. 

Scott, a 3-month-old orange kitten, was found inside of a clothing donation bin at 5635 Fullum. 

Scott was placed inside of a laundry basket that was “fastened shut with various straps and tie wraps” said the SPCA

The series of cat-related animal cruelty cases in the Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie has put the Montreal SPCA on high alert. 

It is currently unknown if the three cases are connected in any way. 

The Montreal SPCA is beseeching anyone with information related to either of the cases to contact their Investigations and Inspections Department. 

All tips and offered information are confidential. 

Citizens can either contact the Investigations and Inspections Department via email at or call direct: (514) 735-2711 ext. 2230

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