As if going through security checks at the airport isn't tedious enough, it's about to get a lot worse for anyone that is planning any travel to or through the United States.

Thanks to Trump's government shutdown, government employees are now calling in sick, the impact of which will no doubt be felt in airports across the country.

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TL;DR Canadians are being told to expect serious delays if travelling to or through the States as hoards of government employees call in sick after not being paid due to the current government shutdown.

The current government shutdown in the States has left many government employees without pay since 21 December 2018. While "non-essential" government employees have been out of work since the shutdown began, certain departments are considered "essential," and thus must remain.

One of these departments is, of course, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). These are the employees who ensure security at the airport and borders throughout the United States.

And it seems that TSA employees are tired of working without getting paid. So they've begun to call in sick in waves, a phenomenon being called the "blue flu," due to the blue shirts the employees wear while working.

While the TSA is insisting there will be little impact to the already slow process, it's easy to imagine why CNN and other news agencies are predicting an even slower process.

Canadians can expect to be impacted if they are traveling to or even through the United States while the shutdown continues.

It can also be safely assumed that things will only get worse as the shutdown continues. Reports are saying up to 170 employees called in sick to New York's JFK International Airport.

There are also stories of government employees intentionally working slowly in an attempt to spur the government back into action.

The assumption is that slow government processes will result in public outcry which would hopefully incite the government to get it together and re-open.

At the end of the day, I totally sympathize with any employee that is being asked to work without pay, and I completely understand why some have decided to call in sick.

Hopefully, everything is resolved soon because I don't know how many more #ShutdownStories I can read on Twitter...

Stay tuned.



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