You may have seen people posting about it on Facebook, but what used to be a rare occurrence is now becoming a little too common. 

More and more coyotes are being spotted on the island of Montreal, and the problem is getting worse because people have been feeding them. 

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It's become such a problem that certain areas are holding information sessions to warn people to stop feeding them and how to scare them away if they get too close. 

Because people haven't been chasing them away, the coyotes aren't as afraid of humans as they used to be which has led some of them to start stalking people in search for food.  

According to CBC some coyotes even followed people all the way home. 

Experts are warning people to be careful if they're out walking their pets at night (particularly small ones). And if they do see a coyote, they should pick up their pet and carry them until the coyote is gone and try to make as much noise as possible to scare them away. 

Over the summer at least 10 coyotes had to be trapped because they were getting too close to humans and two had to be killed. 

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