I'm going to level with you: it's Spring and we're in for a lot of rain in the next week or so. But this coming weekend we're going to be able to shed our coats, even if only for one day, because The Weather Network is forecasting temperatures in the high teens, and it's going to feel like 22°C in Montreal.

So while it was kinda gross and cold this morning, these chilly mornings are almost behind us. 

So get your bike tuned up and dig that denim coat out of your closet, Montreal! Spring is finally here!

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TL;DR The Weather Network is forecasting temperatures in the high teens this coming weekend, with at least two days expected to feel like 22°C! 

The weekly forecast shown above is courtesy of The Weather Network, who is anticipating that Montreal is going to feel like 22°C this weekend.

While we're going to see our fair share of rain, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are going to be particularly nice. I know the picture above shows rain, but don't worry.

The of Probability of Precipitation on Friday is only 40%, so even if there is rain, it likely won't last very long. Saturday has a higher probability of rain, at 70%, according to The Weather Network

Even Sunday, while a little cooler, is likely going to be an awesome day to spend some time walking around the Plateau or hanging out on Mont Royal.

And according to The Weather Network, next week is going to be even better. Look at all that sun!!

Monday and Tuesday of next week are going to be sunny and temperatures are going to feel above 20°C. The rest of the week, while not as warm, is sure to feel like a warm and sunny breath of fresh air.

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