With cannabis legalization literally days away for Canadians, it's no surprise that tourism across the country will be booming for the next few years.

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TL;DR Tourism in Canada is expected to boom after cannabis legalization this week. What many don't know is the country won't be as tourist-friendly as you think. Below is information on the best provinces to visit for weed tourism as well as insight on the strict laws also in place.

For those outside of Canada, the country probably looks like a brand new Amsterdam right about now.

The shiny new promise of legal marijuana consumption is enough to pique sudden interest among prospective tourists, especially those south of the border.

Tourists may be in for a pretty big surprise though, as Canada isn't going to be as "weed-friendly" as we all think. 

It really depends on what province a tourist chooses to visit and how strict the provincial government is going to crack down after legalization.

In general, these three provinces will provide the best vacation for any weed enthusiasts:

  • British Columbia - Apart from the incredible scenery that would make being high an entire adventure on its own, the province is going to have some of the most relaxed cannabis laws in the entire country. Basically, anywhere you could smoke a cigarette in BC you'll be allowed to smoke cannabis.
  • Alberta - Following the lead of British Columbia, this province may even be the best fit for weed tourism. Super loose cannabis laws will allow anyone to enjoy a joint while out on a hike, in a boat, and in most other public places.
  • Ontario - Yes, this province has already confirmed cannabis laws are going to be super strict, with little flexibility when it comes to marijuana consumption out in public. But, the NYC of Canada – Toronto – will be one of the best places to go for unique weed activities such as cafés, food, festivals and more.

Other than the provinces above, tourism most likely won't take off when it comes to anything to do with marijuana consumption.

Seriously, travelling to provinces such as Quebec in hopes of experiencing a high-flying adventure will lead to a major disappointment. 

On top of that, U.S. citizens who attempt to cross back into the States with marijuana purchased legally in Canada are at high risk of being arrested for drug smuggling.

So, maybe travelling to Amsterdam for a weed-filled weekend is still your best option.

Hopefully laws became more relaxed across the country in the weeks after legalization, but there's no way to really tell.

Stay tuned for more information once marijuana legalization hits Canada this October 17.

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