Guys, it's finally almost time for La Fête Nationale/Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day! A welcome day off in the middle of the summer, and an awesome time to celebrate our province, this year's La Fête Nationale is taking place on Friday, June 24, 2016.

And it's time to start planning for it, friends. If you're not sure what's open and closed on La Fête Nationale, then no worries - I've got your back... But, as always, make sure that if you're planning to go somewhere, you call ahead just to be totally and completely sure.

What's Open

  • The Casino
  • Most pharmacies
  • Some grocery stores
  • Most movie theatres
  • Beaches
  • Outdoor markets (like Jean-Talon and Atwater Markets)
  • Garbage pickup should mostly continue as normal
  • Restaurants, salons, etc, can remain open if they so choose (so call ahead to make sure)
  • STM buses and metros will run on weekend schedules (click here for more information)
  • AMT trains will run on weekend schedules (check the website for more information)
  • The Insectarium, Botanical Gardens, Science Centre, Biodome, and Planetarium will remain open
  • The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Pointe-à-Callière Museum will remain open

What's Closed

  • Banks
  • Most government (federal and provincial) and most private offices
  • Municipal courts and most city offices
  • Malls
  • Retail stores (like IKEA, Wal Mart, etc)
  • The SAQ (I know, guys. I know)

Top 10 Things To Do In Montreal This Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Day 2016:

  1. Check out Saint-Henri's Le 624 free activity day, celebrating Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day with a 5 KM race, a walking tour, and more.
  2. Head over to Verdun for their Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day fair, featuring bon fires, live music, and more.
  3. Or get yourself down to the Jean-Talon Market for face painting, food sampling, among other things.
  4. Stroll out to Montreal's Mile End for the Marche Des Possibles, featuring food trucks, family activities, and music (to name a few).
  5. See the stars super clearly at Ste. Anne De Bellevue, thanks to RASC's Public Star Party.
  6. Visit the Pointe-a-Calliere museum and learn a little bit about Montreal's history and archaeology.
  7. Or check out Montreal's Insectarium, and learn a little bit more about ants.
  8. After that, stop by Parc Maisonneuve for an adorable Fête Nationale pic nic.
  9. Take a small road trip to Quebec's hidden grotto and celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste from out of Montreal.
  10. And don't forget to head downtown for Montreal's Fête Nationale Parade, starting at 1:00 PM.

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