Straight up, flowers are beautiful no matter how they're presented. In a bouquet? Good! In a vase? Good! Duct taped together and tied with the twine you found lying around your house? Good!

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But honestly, there is nothing on this earth quite like receiving a beautiful box filled with gorgeous flowers. It's super special, and it ups the beauty factor by about infinity percent.

And, luckily for those us of who like to have nice things, Montreal's got a couple of spots where you can get yourself a classy AF box of flowers.

Both Montreal's Luluthia Design (1305 Alexis Nihon) and online flower hotspot M Fleurs offer the flower box services.

M Fleurs specializes in roses (including "MyEternal" roses, which are treated to retain their beauty for up to a year), and Lulthia specializes in legit tons of gorgeous flower combinations.

Both spots have some really beautiful creations, so if you're looking for an awesome Valentine's Day gift or surprise (or if you just want to buy yourself a box of flowers because, let's be honest, you deserve it), then you've got two seriously great options.

Looks like the prettiest thing you could possibly give? Then check out Luluthia Design and M Fleurs on Facebook.

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