This brand new Montreal-based TV series tackles some really serious issues that are current and real: runaways and their integration into prostitution. First airing on January 8th of this year, "Fugueuse" has already taken over the hearts and minds of the city.

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It's hard to watch, but it's 100% worth the watch. Even if French isn't your first language, the realness and rawness of Fanny's story will entice you. Shocking images of gang-rape, unsettling nudity and uncensored trauma don't even start to explain how gut-wrenching and intensely real this show can be. 

The show follows the story of Fanny, a young woman who becomes infatuated with artist Damien. Seduced by compliments and the excitement that comes with physical exploration and pleasure, she soon falls into prostitution.

Each episode brings you more and more into the reality that many young women in Montreal and all over the urban world face every day. Though it is a fictional story, its realism and accurate representations make "Fugueuse" a true testament to these issues. 

Seeing as this show is shot in Montreal, you can actually go visit the set. This just shows how dedicated producers are to making the show reflect reality. 

The subject matter of "Fugueuse" is based on the true stories of young Quebec women. Ludivine Reding, the actress playing the main character Fanny, says that she mainly studied the books Pour l'amour de mon pimpSurvivante d'exploitation sexuelle : Se sortir de l'enfer des gangs de rue, and 14 ans et portée disparue. You can check out Narcity's story that explains more about how seriously this young Montrealer threw herself into her role.

The whole point of the show isn't only to shock the viewers. It has a genuine and preventative purpose: to educate and sensitive parents and youth to the very real issues of runaways and prostitution. 

Though the show tries to be as unbiased as possible, it definitely centers on the negative realities of youthful naivety. "Fugueuse" focuses on how easy it is to be swept up into this negative lifestyle. It's important that we are educated and sensitized to the issue. And, what better what to do that than through a TV show?

Ludivine Reding's life basically changed overnight. She even became an ambassador for a runaway prevention program. She says that she sees her position as more than just a role, but an opportunity to implement real change in the lives of youth. She has so much to say about how this experience has impacted her outlook on life.

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"Fugueuse" even seems to reflect reality. The recent story of Kelly Martin-Nolet is somehow too close to that of Fanny. And even Athena Gervais, who recently went missing, seems to be linked to the same kind of storyline. 

If you want to know more about runaways and prostitution in Quebec, you can find out here. But, once again, watch "Fugueuse" and get ready to find yourself emotionally and morally shocked by what you see.

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