Valérie Plante’s proposed Pink Line is still in the thoughts of the mayor, even as she is travelling abroad in France. 

In fact, Plante’s trip to Paris seems to have sparked some inspiration for Montreal’s new metro line. The mayor is contemplating carrying over some of the practices used for a new metro system in Paris to Montreal. 

Attending the International Economic Forum of the Americas in Paris, Plante actually took some time to talk about her promised Pink Line. Mathieu Paul Dumont has the video below. 

But it was when visiting a Paris suburb, where a new metro station was being built, part of the Grand Paris Express project, did Plante see the potential for the Pink Line, reports Radio-Canada. 

The Grand Paris Express is an ambitious public transit project that will connect the city of Paris to its surrounding suburbs through four new transit lines comprised of 200km of tunnels and 68 stations. A completion date is set at 2030. 

To carve out the transit tunnels, gigantic tunnel boring machines (TBM) are being used. This particular feature piqued the interest of Plante, reports Radio-Canada, since the technology is affordable and fast. 

The Grand Paris Express project is being financed through a combination of federal, municipal, and private funding. In total, the Parisian transit project is expected to cost $40 billion, though that number could rise. 

Plante was keen on this funding model for the transit project, along with Paris’s citizen-based consultation process and how quality-of-life for surrounding populations is being taken into consideration when building the new Grand Paris Express’s new metro stations.

The mayor may include these practises when building on the Pink Line begins. Well, technically “if” building begins, since nothing is set in stone quite yet. 

But some Montrealers aren’t keen on Plante taking inspiration from a public transit project in Paris. 

Local public transit blogger Anton Dubrau took to Twitter to outline why the mayor of Montreal taking cues from Paris on public transit isn’t necessarily a good thing. 

Plante will continue her European travels, heading to Lyon today, then later Brussels. Maybe she’ll get more public transit inspiration as her journey continues.

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