Mayor Valerie Plante, together with acting chief of the Montreal police Martin Prud'homme, is ending the practice of monetary bonuses given to SPVM officers who meet their ticket quotas. 

Before the problematic ticketing practice was revealed in 2016 news reports, senior police officers would receive bonus pay for ticketing a certain amount of individuals in Montreal. 

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Some officers would receive up to a bonus 8% of their total salary for meeting ticket quotas. 

When the ticket-quota news broke, people were understandably upset. Police officers were basically incentivized to ticket people in order to make money, creating a sense of distrust in SPVM ticketing practices. 

Even police officers were upset, with the Police Brotherhood formally denouncing the ticketing practice and even warning Montrealers (via billboards) to stick to the rules of road an avoid the “bonis Denis,” what the extra ticketing practice was referred when Denis Coderre was still mayor. 

Fortunately, according to TVA, Plante and Prud'homme have come together to end ticket-quota-bonuses. 

Police resources shouldn’t be spent on “trapping” motorists and pedestrians in order to fulfill a prescribed mandate, Plante told TVA. 

“We want a police service who do their job and are not motivated by an additional source of income,” Plante said during an interview. “So we’re ending the “bonis Denis,” that’s for sure.”

Hopefully, without the need or incentive to fulfill ticket quotas, SPVM officers will be doling out less tickets to Montrealers. It’s not like they’re getting anything out of it anymore. 

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