• Though it is still fall, as we creep closer to winter, meteorologists are now making better predictions about what kind of winter we will see this year.
  • Apparently, we're looking at tons of snow for Quebec, but average seasonal temperatures.
  • Get all the details below!

AccuWeather has just released their winter forecast and it looks like we can expect tons of snow for Quebec.

Sure, fall is still upon us, meaning we'd like to imagine that winter isn't lurking just around the corner... but the reality is that most regions in Quebec have already reached their peak of fall foliage, or are even already past peak. 

Which means that the leaves will soon be falling off the trees, stripping us of the bright and colourful backdrop to our days.

Yes, we're heading into naked tree territory and with that comes colder temperatures and, thus, inevitably snow. 

For some, snow is an opportunity to get up on the top of a mountain and take in the world from a new vantage point... for some others, it's an excuse to hide indoors all day, or all winter for that matter.

But no matter which group you fall into, you likely want to know what kind of winter forecast we can expect in Quebec, and if it's going to bring the snowy season you've been dreaming of (or dreading).

Luckily for us, AccuWeather has just recently provided exactly that, so take a look.

According to AccuWeather, "Arctic blasts will be focused a bit further east this year," meaning the regions highlighted in blue below will see below seasonal temperatures.

Luckily for Quebec, it looks like we're going to have just our regular old freezing cold, and not some kind of new, extra cold that poor Manitoba is going to be dealing with.

Though they do mention that the "latter part of the winter will deliver a cold spell as the storm track shifts" more towards Eastern Canada, potentially including Quebec and the Maritimes.


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Where we don't get off so easy, though, is the expected snowfall. AccuWeather anticipates a "snowy winter" for "a large portion of the province, including Montreal and Quebec City."

Ontario, too, will see this above-average snowfall, meaning the two provinces should share a pretty stellar ski season.

The main storm track is also expected to "shift farther east by February," which means we could be picking up some of the shifting snow as it moves east out of Ontario.

What will you do with your 2019/2020 winter season? Will you be hiding from the cold and snow, staying cozy and warm in your apartment?

Or will you be out there on the mountains or in the forests, frolicking in the fluffy white stuff?

No matter what your dream winter looks like, know we've got things to do in Quebec for everyone.

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