A Montreal woman has made the headlines today after it was uncovered that she had posed as a nurse in a hospital in Jonquière for over twenty years.

For many of us who get nervous about going to the hospital, this is a real-life nightmare. However, as the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (Order of Nurses of Quebec) (OIIQ), this is an "extremely rare" occurrence.

The woman was able to pose as a nurse by giving the permit number of another nurse in the region with the same name. Her ruse was discovered when she signed up for a training class and someone noticed that her age did not match the age on her permit.

Prior to the discovery that she was in fact not a registered nurse, the woman practiced in a CIUSSS in Jonquière for over twenty years, notably working in the surgery department.

Immediately after the discovery of the woman's deception, she was fired as the OIIQ completes an investigation.

The OIIQ stated in a press release that "verification mechanisms are put at the disposal of health establishments at all times, 24 hours a day, to verify whether or not someone is a member of the OIIQ."

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The OIIQ went on to say in the tweet below that "the Code of professions' penal provision predicts that an illegal exercise and usurpation of the title of nurse can lead to fines."

"Once the investigation is over, we will have more information regarding the situation."

This is not the first time that a person has been caught posing as a nurse. A Quebec man was just found guilty of 125 charges against him after posing as a nurse for 4 years.

A woman in Quebec posed as a nurse at a CIUSSS in Jonquière for over twenty years, notably working in the surgery department. She was caught and quickly dismissed as the OIIQ investigate the situation.

Read more about the woman and her accusations in French via the Journal Metro here.

Read the press statement from the OIIQ here.

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