Last Sunday, a couple from Laval filed a police report because they spotted a woman who was driving her car with a full veil covering her face.

The couple was driving on the service road of highway 15 when they were suddenly cut-off by the veiled driver. They claim they barely had time to get out of the way and that the driver didn't even notice how close she came to hitting them with her car.

As they drove passed the car, they noticed the woman's face was completely covered up.

The craziest part of all this is that when the couple went to file the complaint, the police said there wasn't much they could do. There is a law that states that it is illegal to operate a vehicle if your view is obstructed by an object or an animal, but that will only get you a 60$ ticket if you are caught.

The President of Tecnic driving schools, Yvan Sevigny urged the Transport Minister, Robert Poeti, to address the issue. The SAAQ should conduct tests to see if the veil does in fact obstruct the vision of a driver on the road.


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