You may not be old enough to remember $1 and $2 bills, but most people remember these bright blue $5 bank notes. One woman in Saint John definitely remembers them. Everytime she would receive a crisp bill from the bank after cashing her paycheck, she would put it aside.

Years later, all the bills she had put aside went to her son. That's when he discovered a very special $5 bill.

between 1995 and 1998 the bank of Canada released 100,000 $5 bills printed on special luminus paper to test its durability. Most of the bills were removed from circulation but but there may still be a few of them out there.

So far, 2 of them have been found and the last one sold at auction for $20,000 a few years ago.

According to the Toronto Coin Expo: "There are many treasures out there just waiting to be discovered."

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