Travelling away from home is something we all have to do at least every once in a while. It's inevitable that eventually you'll need to travel out of the city, or even out of province. The most heart wrenching part for some is having to leave their pets behind. Sometimes you can be away for days, weeks and even months and not being able to bring your furry companion with you can put quite the damper on things.

This is why it'll come as such a relief to hear that VIA Rail is officially letting passengers bring their pets on board with them. This can be extremely beneficial not only for when you're travelling, but also for people who are moving away and weren't previously allowed to bring their pets on the train with them, having no choice but to then surrender them to a shelter.

You're probably wondering if there's some sort of catch to this amazing exception VIA just made. Well, it's true, there is.

First of all, you can only let your pets hitch a ride with you in the Québec City to Windsor corridor. Any other route and your pet will have to stay behind and wait for your return. Hopefully if all goes well VIA Rail will begin excepting pets on other routes as well.

The other condition, and arguably the much more inclusive one, is that your pet has to be pretty small to be allowed on the train. Sorry people, but your Great Dane is still not welcomed on board... unless they can fit in a carrier that can slide under your seat.

With a carrier that small, you can expect the target audience is owners of cats and people with super tiny dogs. Bringing Fido with you on the train will cost $50, and only 3 pets are allowed on board of each train so you'll have to book in advance to reserve a spot.

This is a step in the right direction to making travel a little better for pet owners in Eastern Canada. Let's just hope that VIA Rail will soon expand their new pet exception to the rest of their trains as well.


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