Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Pad Thai. All Thai food honestly, but Pad Thai is just the best dish out there. 

When I found this picture on Instagram yesterday I was shocked, in a good way! Amazingly, you can get a huge 5 Lb plate of Pad Thai in Montreal now! 

It's served at the Golden Bol (or Bol D'Or) on Montreal's South Shore. But guess what the best part is.. this giant plate costs only $12! You can choose to enjoy your enormous Pad Thai with shrimps or with chicken. 

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So, I know some of you may think traveling out to the South Shore for Pad Thai sounds a little crazy, but I'm telling you it's totally worth it. Because it's honestly one of the best deals in the city for the amount of food you'll get for such a small price!

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They also serve tons of other Thai dishes and Chinese dishes that are also massive! You can try their General Tao that weighs in at 3 kg, all kinds of fried rice dishes, curry chicken dishes and sooo much more. 

Get your Thai food fix today! 

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