Winter may have taken its sweet time this year, but the season's cold, snow, and ice is now definitely here, and now we're all looking for an escape route. This year, finding a flight out of Montreal's winter to a warm tropical paradise is even more convenient, thanks to a new offer from an unlikely airline.

Just yesterday, Air China made the grand announcement that it will begin offering round trip flights from China to Havana, Cuba, at a very affordable cost.

Why does this matter to Montrealers? Well, because the flight is stopping over in Montreal, giving you the chance to catch a ride to Cuba.

In operation three times a week, the Havana-bound flights will arrive in Montreal at 4:20pm on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, to arrive in Havana at 8:15pm. Return flights leave Havana at 9am the next day, and get into Montreal at 2:30pm.

Best of all? The round trip flight to Havana is incredibly affordable, costing only $367.81 for economy seating, tax included.

To put things in perspective, an Air Canada flight to Havana from Montreal clocks in at over $1000, so you stand to save a ton of dough if you fly Air China, which you can then spend on your actual vacation.

The CA879/CA880 will be flown with a Boeing 777-300ER commercial airliner, which boasts 311 seats and is known to be a rather comfortable ride. Check out the business class seating offered in a Boeing 777 below.

You should note, though, that this isn't a flight for some packaged resort deal, like other offers to Cuba. But since Havana is a pretty cool city with plenty to check out (and beaches), you'll probably enjoy yourself more than if you were to be trapped in a resort.

And for more info, or to book your flight to Havana, head over to Air China here, just make sure you have "Caribbean" as the only Destination box checked on the filter sidebar.

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